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About the app

Zanduli is a white label destination marketing mobile app that provides Tourism Boards, Destination Management Organisations, Tour Operators and Resorts with their own interactive travel guide.

Where the idea came from

We were inspired to build Zanduli whilst working with a destination management company who wanted to extend their digital marketing activities to reach potential customers via smart phones and tablet PCs. 

What we needed was a simple yet powerful platform that provides an engaging and interactive experience for travellers and tourists that could be used without an internet connection, whilst putting our customers in complete control over their brand communication and marketing messages.

And so Zanduli was born.

Our mission

Our mission with Zanduli is to make it incredibly easy to enable our customers to create stunning mobile travel guides to promote their destination and engage with their target visitors before and throughout their stay.

We’re very proud of how Zanduli has grown already, and we are very excited about our roadmap for creating new features for Zanduli. 

Why Zanduli?

Good question! A Zandoli (notice our deliberate misspelling) is an exotic lizard noted for their curious and inquisitive nature. Quite fitting!

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Zanduli is packed with features that enables the world to explore what you have to offer

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